Expansion Plan


Alpha Mining Co. is committed to significantly expanding its operations over the next 24 months. A vital part of this growth is leveraging the surplus from our antimony refining to substantially enhance our BTC mining capacity. The overarching aim is to elevate our Total Hashrate to 350,000 T/h, propelling the AMC NFTs to an impressive 13 T/h per NFT and AMCR to nearly 65 T/h per NFT.

The Strategy:

1. Reinvestment of Antimony Profits: Our revised projections indicate a robust increase in antimony refining capacity – potentially scaling upwards of 100 tons of finished antimony product per month. With higher-than-initially-anticipated profits from antimony, a dedicated portion will be reinvested into BTC mining, thereby elevating the overall hashrate.

2. Ensuring Beneficial Returns for All: It's pivotal to understand that while a segment of antimony profits are reinvested, this action indirectly benefits both AMCR and AMC NFT holders. AMCR holders will always benefit from a superior rewards mechanism due to their 5x BTC mining rewards multiplier.

Projected Growth Chart:

Chart Description:

This chart showcases the ambitious expansion trajectory of Alpha Mining Co.'s hashrate over a span of 24 months:

  • Starting Point: Our journey commences with a hashrate of 34,000 T/h at the culmination of the AMCR raise and deployment.

  • Strategic Milestones: Distinct markers on the chart represent the integration of new batches of miners and significant scale-ups in our antimony production. Each of these milestones contributes to a steeper ascent in our growth curve.

  • The 350,000 T/h Goal: By the end of the 24-month period, our consistent reinvestment from antimony profits is projected to boost our total hashrate to 350,000 T/h.

  • Benefit to AMC NFTs: As the total hashrate rises, the yield per AMC NFT is anticipated to touch 13 T/h and AMCR will be near 65 T/h. This is a testament to our commitment to ensuring attractive returns for our community.

Remember, the path outlined here isn't just about numbers and growth. It's a roadmap that embodies our dedication to innovation, reinvestment, and the prosperity of the Alpha Mining Co. community.


Our expansion plan elucidates Alpha Mining Co.'s unwavering commitment to growth and value addition. Both AMCR and AMC NFT holders stand to gain from this holistic growth, ensuring that our community continually reaps the rewards of our advancements.

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