Antimony Refining


Antimony, a silver-gray metalloid found in the Earth's crust, is a unique element with myriad uses across multiple industries. From the world of tech to the realm of healthcare, antimony's versatility cannot be understated. At Alpha Mining Co., our commitment to innovation has led us to explore and harness the potential of antimony refining in Paraguay, integrating it seamlessly into our blockchain-driven ecosystem.

Why Antimony?

  1. Diverse Applications: From being a crucial component in fire retardants to serving as an alloy in batteries, lead, and cables, antimony's properties make it indispensable in today's world.

  2. Economic Value: With its wide-ranging uses and limited availability, the demand for antimony has been on a consistent rise, ensuring its market value remains robust and promising for investors.

  3. Sustainable Mining & Location: Our operations in Paraguay are built on the principles of responsible and sustainable mining. This ensures minimal environmental impact and adherence to the best practices in the industry. Paraguay is located optimally in the mineral rich continent of South America to benefit from quick transportation of raw ore and easy delivery of final product.

Exclusive Benefits for AMCR NFT Holders

  • Profit Sharing: A unique proposition of our venture into antimony refining is the direct benefit it provides to our AMCR NFT holders. A portion of the profits generated from our antimony refining operations is exclusively reserved for them, adding an additional layer of value to their holding. These profits are used to purchase wBTC which is claimed through the Alpha Mining Co. dashboard.

Future Prospects

As we deepen our expertise in antimony refining and unlock its full potential, we foresee a strategic alignment with the overarching goals of the Alpha Shares ecosystem. Profits derived from antimony operations will not merely serve as an end; they are a means to bolster our broader ventures. By reinvesting these gains back into our diverse operations, we aim to catalyze a cycle of growth and profitability across all facets of our ecosystem. This strategy not only emphasizes our commitment to sustainable growth but also ensures that every component, from our blockchain initiatives to traditional ventures, thrives in synergy


Antimony refining is a testament to Alpha Mining Co.'s dedication to expanding horizons. It's not just about tapping into an economically promising sector but also about exploring the myriad ways in which old-world practices can integrate with, and benefit from, the revolutionary world of blockchain technology.

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