Alpha Mining Co. Reserve NFTs (AMCR)

The Alpha Mining Co. Reserve NFTs, fondly abbreviated as AMCR, are the bedrock of the Alpha Mining Co. ecosystem. These digital assets serve as a testament to our commitment to merge the traditional practices of resource extraction with the revolutionary world of blockchain and NFTs.

Why are they special?

  • OG Status: The AMCR NFTs are the pioneering assets of the Alpha Mining Co. project. Minted as a foundational series, they signify the holder's early belief and commitment to the Alpha Shares vision.

  • Enhanced BTC Rewards: Being the 'OGs' of the project, AMCR NFTs enjoy a preferential position. Each AMCR NFT entitles its holder to a 5x BTC reward weight compared to the subsequent AMC NFTs, ensuring a larger share in the BTC mined.

  • Exclusive Access to Antimony Refining: Antimony, a versatile metalloid, has a host of applications in various industries. The AMCR holders not only benefit from our BTC mining operations but also have an exclusive right to profits generated from antimony refining done on-site in Paraguay.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Limited Edition: The scarcity of AMCR NFTs amplifies their value. With a limited number minted (3,000), they're a true collector’s asset.

  2. Integrated with Alpha Shares Ecosystem: These NFTs are not standalone assets. They are seamlessly integrated with the broader Alpha Shares ecosystem. Returns from investments made through the AMCRs flow back into the ecosystem, benefiting other stakeholders and projects like the Alpha Shares Marketplace and the Momentum Project. This occurs because the Alpha Shares Marketplace and Momentum Project have purchased a number of AMCR NFTs to earn wBTC rewards from.

  3. Dashboard Access: Transparency is key. AMCR NFT holders can access a dedicated dashboard that provides real-time analytics on our BTC mining operations. It displays metrics like total BTC mined, individual distributions, up-time, usage and more.


The AMCR NFTs are not just digital collectibles; they're an embodiment of trust, foresight, and commitment towards a sustainable future where traditional industries and modern technologies coalesce. Owning an AMCR NFT is not just a statement but an active participation in a grand vision of technological and economic fusion.

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