Alpha is strictly a utility token and not a security or any form of investment of any sort. Alpha is utilized as a voucher and a loyalty reward system that enables individuals to gain access to our platforms and services. There is no tie or correlation between Alpha Share's leadership or contractors’ efforts to the price of the Alpha utility token. Similarly, purchasers of Alpha Shares non-fungible tokens should not reasonably expect capital appreciation of the digital asset(s) or to derive profits from such asset(s) as a result of the creators’ efforts or from the efforts of any third party. The purchase of the Alpha utility token or of an Alpha non-fungible token is NOT to be considered an investment of money in a common enterprise and purchasers should hold no expectation of profits from holding said tokens, where such profits are derived primarily from the efforts of others.

  • Alpha Shares and any/all of its digital pieces and counterparts are not securities, commodities, nor investments.

  • By using any of Alpha Shares' information, applications, platforms, groups or engaging with the Alpha Shares project or its website (alphashares.io) in any way, shape or form, you agree, comply, accept and understand each of every one of these disclaimers fully and completely.

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